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Video Consultations

Intro Consultation

20 minutes £30.00 +VAT

A 20 minute video consultation to discuss your concealment/ camouflage concerns.

This will give you a complete overview of what you require. I will send you a detailed
questionnaire prior to our consultation and once completed we can ensure we have the
maximum time, information and give you the best possible experience on the day.

Please have your makeup bag/products with you, and be wearing your usual day
makeup to commence the consultation. Please have cleansers ready as we may
need to see you with and without your current cover solution.


Mens Concealer

30 Mins £50 + VAT​

This session teaches you how to tackle unwanted blemishes, annoying shiny skin, how to make your face concealer undetectable and covering stubble rash.

Help on selecting the best male skincare regime for you. One to one virtual advice and instruction helping you master your new techniques Working from wherever you want to be in the world.


“How to Cover”

45 Mins £80 + VAT​

This session deals with bruising and temporary cover solutions that may be necessary post a cosmetic procedure or operation, through to solutions for under eye circles, Pigmentation and sun spots.

It will help you master new techniques in the privacy of your own home environment.


Teen Skin

45 Mins £65 + VAT​

One to one virtual instruction helping Teens understand their changing skin, beginning with skincare, how to cover a spot during its different phases and what to avoid for sensitive young faces.

Learning the tones and textures necessary for cover, allowing the most natural finish. Mastering new techniques in the comfort and privacy of your own environment.


SOS Bespoke

1 Hour £120 + VAT​

Individual video consultation  teaching you how to cover acne, rosacea , hormonal breakouts, scars, amongst other beauty skin cover  concerns. 
It will give you all the information you require to understand the tones and textures necessary for the area you want to cover, working virtually together with Annabel to help  you master new techniques for yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own  environment.